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NineStack is an industry leader in offshore software development based in Norway, The Netherlands, Finland, Germany, India & the USA. At NineStack, we assure 100% project delivery to global businesses and startups with our best software development services. Our expert development team can help you build bespoke web and mobile applications while helping you with continuous support and maintenance. We are also proficient in the fields of Enterprise Resource Planning, Human Capital Management, and Independent Validation Services..

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Web Application

NineStack is the topmost Software Development Company with a keen interest in building customized web applications to support companies achieve overall operational efficiency. Our web apps look stunning, are robust, scalable, independent, dependable and secure from day one. Our tech experts develop web applications that are written in Javascript, HTML, or CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) in languages such as Python, Java, and Ruby. NineStack uses the latest technologies like Node.js, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, React, Angular, etc. We also provide complete customer satisfaction through 100% prompt delivery and value for money to all our clients.

Mobile Application

NineStack believes that the digital revolution of smartphones and tablets has given rise to business opportunities to provide various services to customers, and also assist internal communications in the organization. We build customized mobile applications to help communicate with customers, employees, or business clients to grow their revenue and also help employees to be more productive. By collating the necessary information required and using the latest technology stacks, we build next-generation mobile apps. NineStack has years of experience and a skilled team to build customized mobile applications across various platforms like Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry. NineStack offers scalable, securely connected, engaging, high performance, and cost-effective applications to all our clients.

Support and Maintenance

At NineStack, we allow our clients to focus on meeting their company goals and ways to get more business, instead of carrying out monotonous software maintenance projects. We work diligently to keep our clients at ease by providing 24/7 support in terms of research, analysis, design, necessary updates, programming, correcting software errors, testing, modifying reports, documenting and implementing maintenance changes, and making modifications, drafting ad hoc queries, loading and implementing changes to the software languages, and disaster recovery, bug fixes, etc.



NineStack, a top-notch Software Development Company provides programmatic design, source code editing or programming, and testing for all our software to meet our customer’s current & future challenges. With years of knowledge and experience, we develop and implement custom software for our clients to simplify day to day operations and for delivering quality projects on time at affordable prices. NineStack’s software implementation process includes creating design & development, analyzing necessary requirements, deployment, software enhancements, and upgrades.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

NineStack makes your organizational management processes stress-free. As a multi-national company, we comprise some core processes like finance, manufacturing, HR, services, supply chain, procurement, etc which could be hectic, but with NineStack’s Enterprise Resource Planning (EPR) we can sort you out completely under a single system. Our ERPs help our clients to focus on what matters. Additionally, artificial intelligence and machine learning assure automated processes in the company. NineStack with years of experience and expertise in building EPR modules assists in the distribution process, supply chain management, configuring prices, accuracy in financial data, project planning and execution, employee life-cycle, standardize critical business procedures, lower purchasing costs, and manage human resources and payroll. We build cloud EPR, on-premises EPR, and Hybrid EPRs also EPRnext.

Human Capital Management (HCM)

NineStack understands that human resource is the core asset of any company which makes or breaks the enterprise. We help organizations manage and maintain human resource activities. Our HCM helps scale up and automate processes like performance appraisals, payrolls, recruitment, training, analyzing productivity and so on. We also offer HCM solutions like time and attendance tracking, tax payments, work schedules, work shifts, and availability of vacation. HCM helps our clients to locate and hire skilled employees, establish skills standards within the workforce, increase company productivity, evaluate performance and track progress, focus on employees individually, support employee growth, automate payroll, ensure accurate accounting processes, streamline management activities, connect recruiting and training

Robotic Process Automation

Technology today has crossed boundaries but at NineStack we are always up-to-date with all the latest technologies and software which makes human life easier. Our RPA technologies allow anyone to configure computer software today and is capable of imitating most human user’s actions like log into various applications, copy and paste data, move files and folders, fill forms, structure data from documents, scrape data, make calculations, etc. NineStack delivers direct profitability to improve accuracy in the organization.

Independent Validation Services (Testing)

NineStack is the topmost Software Development Company helping our clients in checking if the product or service, or systems meet all the specifications and requirements to accomplish its purpose. Our team of experts carrying out validation of software, traceability of safety requirements, code analysis of software components and design analysis of critical algorithms.


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