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NineStack is a top hardware management company based in Norway, The Netherlands, Finland, Germany, India & the USA. At NineStack, we assure 100% project delivery to global businesses and startups with our best hardware management services to help manage your networks, servers, security, databases, and could infrastructure. We are also experts in the field of Virtualization and DevOps.


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Network Management

In today’s highly digitalized world, every enterprise network has become increasingly complex, vexing, and challenging for IT to manage. That is where NineStack comes in. Our team can help you put a seamless network management system in place, with all the required procedures, methods, and tools you need to administrate, operate, and reliably maintain your computer network systems, without excessive manual intervention.

  • Network stack management
  • Network topology and custom VPN/subnet configurations
  • Network Certificate and HTTPs maintenance and upgrades
  • Intranet firewall and routing management


Server Management

If you need to ensure the optimal performance of your server infrastructure, you would not only require a tool that can monitor your server in real-time, but also one that could provide you a comprehensive insight into the root cause of the issues and help you troubleshoot them at the earliest. At NineStack, we can build you an ideal server monitoring software that will help you detect and resolve issues before they become severe threats.

  • Live monitoring and usage profiling
  • Performance monitoring
  • Backup and restore services
  • Customized IaaS implementations

Security Management

With malicious cybersecurity attacks becoming increasingly frequent and sophisticated, creating and taking a multi-layered approach to network security is crucial to safeguarding your organization’s data and resources. Our team of experts at NineStack can help you monitor and control access points to your network resources. With secure design and implementation, we can secure your IoT and OT environment and with our 24×7 security monitoring services, we can help you assess, prevent, detect, and respond to security threats.

  • IPsec implementations
  • OWASP tools for auditing
  • Prevention against password hacks 
  • Applications security auditing for CORS, XSS, and Injection attacks
  • Encryption and ciphering of digital transactions

Database Management

Being an essential requirement of any business that needs to manage data efficiently and allow multiple users to perform multiple tasks with ease, we build database management systems that ensure a systematic process of creating, collecting, storing, organizing, retrieving, updating, and managing data. Going beyond this, we can also help our clients with a centralized view of data allowing varying users access from multiple locations. And with NineStack, you can rest assured that concurrency control, security, backup, and recovery are never neglected.

  • Concurrency control
  • Controlled administration
  • Backup and restore
  • Load balancing 
  • Performance tuning 
  • Custom IaaS, PaaS, DB SaaS implementations


Allowing you to run more than one OS at a time, virtualization software can empower your computers or server to host multiple operating systems and get more value out of them. Not only could you run more software and complete more processes with the same amount of hardware, virtualization has a range of advantages your business could need – from OS-specific and outdated software to backing up your entire system and protecting your server from hacking.

  • On-demand VM spin-up spin-down
  • Dockers and container based deployments
  • Custom Virtualization on on-premises hardware
  • Multi-tenant hosting 
  • Custom IaaS solutions on Cloud providers

Cloud Infrastructure Management

As data volumes on your cloud infrastructure grows, the most efficient way to manage your storage hardware and virtual infrastructure is cloud infrastructure management. At NineStack, we can help you manage the health, performance, and security of most cloud infrastructures right from setup and configuration to active monitoring, performance optimization, and security.

  • Azure services
  • AWS services
  • Custom off-premises solutions
  • Migrations to cloud based services


Ensuring fast, continuous, and consistent performance of your IT processes and software infrastructure requires a powerful team of software development engineers and IT operations experts to anticipate, identify and tackle potential issues that may affect your software performance quality, and to automate and optimize the processes involved. Our expert DevOps engineers at NineStack can help you successfully attune the delivery, deployment, development, security, and support of your software system — so that you can depend on the continuous delivery of high quality for all your business needs.

  • CI/CD (Continuous integration/delivery)pipelines 
  • Jenkins and other automated build processes 
  • Azure build and deployment services
  • Docker, Kubernetes and containers 
  • AppCenter, Testflight for Mobile

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