Troubleshooting #1

Troubleshooting #1

Posted on March 7, 2017Categories Uncategorized

We faced a small issue of Language culture set last week on the mobile. The default language being set as English, we developed it on a phone. We tested the app and it worked fine here.
The same app was installed on a phone setting Norwegian as a default language. As soon as we opened the app it crashed. We were not able to spot the problem as it worked very well on our devices.

So the team sat together and had a brainstorming session to find the problem. One of the team members said the problem could be due to the culture setting, set on the phone. We changed a few settings in the language section on the devices, and found the problem with the app.
So basically, when there are such issues while developing an app, we discuss and try to get better solutions.

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