Raising the Stakes with Nine Stack

Raising the Stakes with Nine Stack

Combining Indian IT expertise with unparalleled European efficiency, we at Nine Stack have the elixir to turn your dream of hacking massive growth into reality. With our designs, we ensure you are unique for yourself and yet identifiable to others.

Linking the best of Web Design & Development, Digital Marketing, Cloud Hosting & SSL and E-Commerce, our team of friendly nerds allows you to maintain your laser-focus on customer acquisition.

InVision, Sketch, Illustrator and Photoshop powered premium User interface design (UI) and superior User experience design (UX) accentuated by our intricate knowledge of .NET projects (pronounced DOT NET), visual studio, C# (C-Sharp) and MVC (Model-View-Controller), Nine Stack guarantees that your website will promote you 24/7.

Be assured to have your website precisely converted to showcase your business to the most potential customers, with our intricate HTML and HTML 5 coding that blends in perfectly with   CSS, CSS 3, Bootstrap, Angular, Jquery and Javascript frameworks.  That’s something even an army of over-caffeinated sales folks will not be able to do.

In touch with the latest trends and changes, Nine Stack will incorporate parallax scrolling, smooth scrolling and other effects into your website, along with cloud based apps , mobile apps building & development for Android and iOS, that facilitate scalable enterprise solutions and provide strategic guidance to give it an added boost.

In addition to the latest SQL 2016 database, Nine Stack utilizes ASP.NET, MVC5, Web API, Entity Framework and LINQ to provide adequate back-end support.

Understanding that startups are typically strapped for resources, neck-deep in product specs and scrambling for clients, Nine Stack provides startup solutions and dedicated offshore IT resources.

Through Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization and Content Marketing, Nine Stack has effectively launched quirky and creative campaigns that have helped several businesses increase their web traffic and conversion rates.

So let’s come up with something really cool to get your business noticed!

It’s not just all work at Nine Stack though. We believe that data science is one of today’s fastest growing fields and is one sphere where too many cooks don’t spoil the broth but make it WAY better.

For access to a work place that is the very definition of cool, your entry pass is a knack of solving problems, the ability to turn innovative ideas into reality and an inclination to have fun, with experience in all three, because, Nine Stack is not just a great ‘solution provider’ but an even better place to work at.

Need us to boost your business? Want to join us for unlimited growth potential? For any assistance, get in touch with us at ninestack.com

– Lyndon J Pinto



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