Power up your devices from the inside

Power up your devices from the inside

Our love for gadgets keeps growing with the ever changing technology. Technology is advancing at a fast pace. Our phones are getting bigger and our internet is getting faster. But the problem with the the advance in technology comes with a price to pay. One problem which everyone faces is the ‘Dying Battery’ problem.  For some it would be a dream to have a charging port near you all the time. BauBax just heard your prayers with their latest range of products, now you will be able to charge your phone anywhere and anytime. Find out more below.

Hiral Sanghavi’s company Baubax raised $ 9.2 million on Kickstarter within two months of launching, making it the 4th most funded project on Kickstarter. Less than a year after the successful launch, Hiral is all set to unveil a unique concept of clothes that wirelessly charge your devices.

The project recently launched with the goal of raising $ 100,000. With this line, his Seattle startup Baubax is turning jackets, jeans and shorts into mobile charging stations.

How is it made?

The clothing, which is machine washable, has copper wire built into it and a wireless charging pad that’s stitched inside a pocket.

How it works

To charge an iPhone you need to put it into a BauBax phone case and slip it into the pocket. Android phones do not require the case because they have a built-in wireless charging capability. The power source is a battery bank that fits into your wallet that you can carry in your clothes.

According to Hiral Sanghavi, the battery bank can provide one full charge to a smartphone, two charges to a smart watch and four charges to Bluetooth earphones. The Battery bank can be charged with a special BauBax charging pad. Charging the battery bank usually takes two to four hours.

Sanghavi got the idea for the wireless charging system when he was in Hong Kong.

“We were there for meetings with manufacturers. We were using our devices for GPS and other things a lot and constantly draining the battery,” he said.

In all, BauBax is designing 27 products for wireless charging, including sweatshirts, jackets and wristlets, which can charge a smartphone. The clothes range from $140 to $170.

The collar in each jacket also features a plug-in point to charge wireless ear-buds. A separate charging unit inside the jacket’s sleeve can charge an Apple Watch too!

The BauBax jackets can wirelessly charge devices, including earphones. All the accessories, including the BauBax battery bank, charging pad, iPhone case, wristlet and wallet, are sold separately.

The company expects the clothing to be ready for consumers by January 2017. However, the products come with a warning. People with pacemakers should avoid using the products, because the electromagnetic fields may interfere with the pacemakers.



The BauBax jacket comes with 15 exciting features.

Neck Pillow: Built-in Inflatable Neck Pillow that easily hides inside the hood of the jacket. Innovative valve technology allows it to do so.

Eye Mask: Always have an eye mask when you need it. Travel eye mask built inside the hood.

Gloves: Built-in gloves that easily slide in and out of the sleeves, to keep you warm and cozy when you’re on the go.

Earphone Holders: Built-in Earphone holders always keep your earphones untangled and ready for instant use.

Blanket Pocket: All BauBax jackets come with a pocket to carry the proprietary BauBax Blanket that’ll keep you warm and cozy when you’re traveling.

Koozie Drink Pocket: No more fumbling with your drink and your laptop on a plane table tray. The insulated neoprene Koozie Drink Pocket, keeps your hot drinks warm, cold drinks cool and your hands free for work.

iPad POCKET: A 10 inch pocket to carry an iPad or any full size tablet to free up space in your carry-on or purse and for more convenient plane boarding.

Zipper- Telescoping Pen: Your zipper is now smart, useful and social. It’s a 1 inch pen that extends to 4 inches – great way for making new friends.

Zipper- Stylus: The bottom of the telescoping pen has a soft tip Stylus, to ensure you always have a Stylus handy.

Smartphone Pocket: Easily accessible Smartphone pocket that offers a seamless connection to your earphones.

Sunglass Pocket: Easily accessible sunglass holder in a pocket to keep your sunglasses safe and handy.

Microfiber Cloth: Built-in Microfiber cloth for cleaning sunglass lenses.

Passport Pocket: Passport size chest pocket designed for quick access to boarding pass and ID while traveling.

Hand Warming Pockets: Multi layered hand warming pockets for extra warmth.

Detachable Pillow: All BauBax Jackets come with a detachable pillow – You would agree that your sleeping postures are different on airplane’s aisle seats or Window seats (because of the wall support). Hence, a detachable pillow that is useful for different sleeping postures while traveling.

Detachable Hood: BauBax Bomber and Blazer come with a detachable hood. The hood of the Wrinkle Free Blazer can be quickly detached to turn it into a Business Jacket, making it a professional Suit.

The company has already started making profits, but the business hasn’t gone by without the backlash of customers. The jacket was supposed to arrive at the hands of the customers in December but they took a while till they reached the consumers. According to Sanghavi, the 4 month delay was due to the problems in the supply chain. It was a painful learning experience for his company.

There have been a negligible amount of complaints from his 45,000 customers, once the products were dispatched. The only returns came in due to the wrong size or colour, making Sanghavi a very happy man indeed.

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