A Flag For Blind Painters

A Flag For Blind Painters

Posted on June 10, 2017Categories Uncategorized

Blindfolded but assisted by two guides, would you be able to paint a flag? That’s the challenge we placed before members of the NineStack team, as part of the team building activities in commemoration of the Norwegian Constitution Day on the 17th of May 2017.

The activity which had significance to Norway and its culture, was a test everyone’s abilities to work with people they don’t know too well, as we at NineStack focus on sticking together and working as one collaborative unit.

The task was called ‘Paint the National Flag of Norway in 20 mins’ and the entire NineStack team was divided into 3 teams.



Each team was given two paints – blue and red with a paint brush. The twist here was that the painter was blind folded and the other two members had to guide the blindfolded painter only by voice to paint the flag.


Think you can do better job? Send us a video of you and your team, painting the Flag of Norway using the same rules. Have fun, just like how we did.



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